Voyages Extraordinaires

by Olivier Pasquet

This is a generative music play of science fiction, created by artificial intelligence from a collection of 80 books by Jules Vernes.

Jules Verne published these books in 1866. He was fascinated by exploration, wealth of cultures, travels and most of all a form of scientific optimism typical of his time. Les Voyages Extraordinaires transposes these visions in our contemporary culture through a popular song that looks innocently human. The listener is transported by this song, which is created by artificial intelligence, to an uncanny valley where the imperfections of this extrahuman creature seem monstrous to us.

Artwork from the exhibition “Escape: La guerre des datas”, French Institute

Artist Bio

Olivier Pasquet is a composer, producer and visual artist. His generative plays are part of a rationalist theory-fiction universe. He often compares his works with reality through live performance, but he also gives to his works the form of installations and electronic musical works of special purity.