by Jakenpopp & Zombectro is an imaginary operating system that runs on a web page.

At the beginning of the 90’s, Microsoft announced the launch of Windows 93, a revolutionary operating system. Even though this system was expected by millions of users, it never saw the light and was eventually replaced by Windows 95. Twenty years after the announcement, some French artists decided to correct what happened by creating their own version of this legendary system.

Artwork from the exhibition “Escape: Une histoire d’internet”, French Institute

Artist Bio

Jakenpopp is a multifaceted French artist who works with synthesis, interactivity, generative design, glitch and history of media through performance, installation or internet.

He plays electronic music live with personalised audiovisual instruments. He also organises exhibitions, concerts and digital art festivals or animates working groups.

Zombectro is a developer and multimedia artist. He works on video games and musical projects about recycling of obsolete equipment.