by Benjamin Nuel

In this experimental video game the viewer navigates in a bucolic environment coupled with the universe of the video game Counter Strike.

Terrorists and anti-terrorists, characters from the video game Counter Strike are present, in fatigues and bulletproof vests, armed, helmeted or hooded. The war they usually wage against each other does not take place. Instead, by approaching them, the spectator witnesses playlets in an absurd comedy. The codes of the video game are turned upside down, no quests, no missions. As time goes by, we reach the limits of the setting, bugs appear. The environment crumbles, time seems to be running out.

Artwork from the exhibition “Escape: L’ humanité numérique”, French Institute

Artist Bio

Born in 1981, Benjamin Nuel is a French artist graduated from the contemporary art national studio – Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing. His work about video and cinema uses the codes of video games, virtual reality and real time 3D.